Sheikh Asif

Organization: Save the Humanity


Sheikh Asif is a 24 year old humanitarian, from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He is currently doing his Masters from Iqra University. He is the founding member of Save the Humanity, an organization that leads the effort in conducting food drives, fulfilling blood donation requests, and other various philanthropic projects in Pakistan. Sheikh leads the primary efforts for the Food Drive initiative for Save the Humanity, among his other responsibilities.  

By nature, he is not materialistic person, instead he’s driven by his passion and love for the human family. Back in August 2011, he met with a deadly accident and was hospitalized for over 15 days. He was ready to give up his life at that point. He had no friends who came to check in with him, and went into major depression because he was really struggling with life. He was bedridden for over four months. He had not seen the sun in four months. He’s grateful for his parents who have supported him on who helped him through the tough times in his life and helped him get out of his depression. He used this tragic life event to build a life of meaning and purpose. His passion has always been to serve humanity and that’s what he’s doing he’s constantly working on this mission. He is most hopeful about Pakistan's future because he noticed after the death of Edhi Sahab, the level of service and volunteerism has gone up tremendously. Something that was not as common as it has become lately. He is hopeful and optimistic about Pakistan's future that things are changing!


What are your thoughts on the negative perception about Pakistan worldwide?

"If there is any negative perception about Pakistan, the media is to be blamed for that. If a bomb blast happens, everyone only talks about that but no one talks about the post blast recovery efforts. From blood donation to service, hospitals were full of people who wanted to donate blood and help. It would sometimes be to the point, where hospitals would have to turn away donors as they had reached full capacity. We may be scattered but during times of crisis, we come together a nation. Everyone should come to Pakistan to observe that side of Pakistan for themselves. Those are the things that need to be shared more!"

What is your favorite quote?

"The only way to attain happiness is to live for others"

Anyone who looks like a human, don't ask for their religion and just help. I am not interested by someone's social status, wealth or job title. I am only impressed by how someone treats other humans.

How was "Save the Humanity" Started?

A group of us were traveling, on our way we met with an accident and a team member passed away in that accident. He passed away because he didn't receive the blood he needed. That’s when we decided, no other human being should lose their life because of lack of a blood match. So we started Save the Humanity. In the beginning it was only 5-6 people and we have grown tremendously since. Now save the humanity is a well-known organization.


Food Drives

The food drive initiative started about 14 months ago. The reason behind starting this initiative was when Sheikh Asif would travel through different streets and cities he would notice people on the streets just sitting helplessly sometimes. He noticed they did not have food or anything to keep themselves warm. He created a proposal and asked his friends and family what they thought about his idea and vision. They were all very supportive and encouraged him to start. The initial step as always is very difficult. He had a lot of doubts and questioned if this initiative become successful or not. Initially they did not have money to even conduct one proper food drive meal. Sheikh Asif and his friends came together to start  and somehow we managed to conduct the very first food drive. However after that he started to worry that they had no money to conduct their second food drive. By God's grace, they were given a donation randomly which allowed them to conduct their second drive and the journey went on similarly from there. Save the Humanity has been serving at least 150 to 200 people on a weekly basis, for the past year and two months. No matter, rain or shine or a storm they conduct the food drives on a regular basis. Even if he’s not doing well he is at the food drive serving people which is his passion. Sheikh's goal is to expand the circle of food drives and wants to start serving on a daily basis. He’s targeting the use in the younger population of Pakistan to participate and help out with the organizations' efforts. That is the future and that is the prosperity of Pakistan. 


Other projects

  • Long-term goals include to work on food wastage and is very passionate about this project and working on very seriously.
  • Blood donations and blood drives- the organization works with major hospitals in Islamabad to work with their needs for blood donations. They have a set of volunteers very who are very dedicated along with a great team that’s very dedicated any request that they get for blood drives and blood donations is catered immediately thanks to our great group of volunteers.  Their goal is to become one of the largest blood donation organization in Pakistan. As they say save one life and you save the entire humanity.
  • Additionally they also have medical campus better organized and run in multiple cities.
  •  Arrangement of gifts, which means that they organize basic necessities and the wedding for a sister or a girl in need. Also provide food for the wedding.
  •  Empowerment for those with disabilities-they provide them with wheelchairs. Recently they distributed about 40+ wheelchairs.
  • Education- provide educational supplies stationery‘s to other organizations that are primarily focused on education empowerment.
When you eat food it affects your body when you serve others it affects your soul
— Sheikh Asif

Organization needs:

 Their biggest effort and needs are fundraising issues. For Ramadan coming up they have about 150 to 200 families they provide a ration and food for during the month of Ramadan. To donate use the information below or reach out on Facebook.

A/C #

03119553658 📞
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